Located on Main Street in Etna, CA, Martin's Experienced Items, etcetera has been serving you for over 15 years.Davie MartinDavie Martin

A unique establishment; if it were a grocery store in the old days, we'd describe it as having everything from basic soup makings to gourmet nuts! This is a sometimes eclectic collection of previously owned merchandise from Antiques to possibly a Zebra Skin!

tryhamDavie Martin buys Estates, Store Closeouts, Storage units, drop offs and the occasional Yard Sale to keep the place well stocked. Picture grandma's house x 10, that would be accurate. Displays change on a daily basis so that even locals visit weekly because they are afraid they will miss something and many times they do!

Inventory moves very quickly due to great prices and that also keeps the collector coming back. This store is on the route of many folks' vacations and on the favorite list of many families that come from out of town to visit.

We supply the pots and pans for the camper that forgot something and the 'oh my god, my grandmother had one of these' moments and then the memories are stirred up. Occasionally we all end up in tears of joy!

Drop in for a visit sometime! Please come visit us on FaceBook & the website again!

Thanks for visiting!


What customers say...

Every time I'm in need of something for a project, I can find everything I need at Martin's. I love the fact that I just live a minute from there and don't have to go to Yreka on the slim chance I'd find it over there. Also, the new gal Davie hired, Deborah is so nice and you can tell she loves her job! Good choice Davie!!


Thank you Martin's for being a stop on our Business Owner badge Field Trip. Girl Scout Troop 71367 had a awesome experience!!! Shannon

Thank you Davie for everything you do for Etna throughout the year.

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 Charms Galore

We have lots of charms for your creative pleasure.


Strange Inhabitants!


You never know what you'll find.

Stuffed Lobster

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